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What Is This Service?

Welcome to AnswerMe XYZ, a premier Outbound Sales Service and the single most impactful decision you’ll ever make for taking your business to the next level.


Here’s a brief overview of what we do:

  • Aggressively generate sales leads specifically tailored to your business and its niche

  • Schedule appointments for interested potential clients based on the needs of your business and its management


The long and short of it is that we take the headache out of what can be some of the most stressful and time-consuming aspects of operating a business, whether small or large. Just leave the heavy lifting to us so that you and your team can spend more time (and less money) on ensuring client satisfaction.


Does this sound like something that would benefit you? Great. Keep reading to find out more about what we do and why partnering with us is the right decision.


The Power of Outbound Sales


As useful as traditional advertising such as promoted links, online ad space, televised commercials—otherwise known as “Inbound Sales Techniques”—can be for obtaining customers, they have one significant limitation, which is that they can only target individuals already interested in a particular product or service. In other words, they rely wholly on the customer to initiate the process of contacting your sales team.


Outbound Sales Techniques take the reverse approach, whereby the sales team of your business or agency reaches out to connect with potential clients who may not even be aware of what they lack in their day-to-day operations. By taking the initiative to make that first contact, a business leveraging the power of outbound sales no longer has to wait to be noticed. A relationship with a future client can be established well in advance.


Don’t just take our word for it. The statistics speak for themselves. According to a rigorous study by Rain Group:

  • 69% of cold-called prospects contacted by sales representatives answer their phone.

  • 82% of prospects accept future meetings when salespeople reach out to them directly.

  • 71% of buyers are receptive to new ideas when seeking ways to improve their business performance.

  • 62% of buyers want sellers to reach out to them when they have a problem to solve, as often they may lack the resources or experience to find a solution alone.

  • 57% of VP-level decision-makers and executives prefer being called to receiving emails, which can be prone to being lost or forgotten in a higher-up’s inbox. This is in comparison to 51% of Directors and 47% of Managers.

  • The study concluded that making phone calls to customers is the #1 prospecting strategy.


The overall conclusion of these figures is one that we can confirm first-hand: Outbound Sales acquisition through the use of personally calling and conversing with potential clients works, and it’s what we specialize in.


The beauty of this approach is that, depending on the industry sector being targeted, once a winning formula is found for the ideal client, it can be replicated across an entire campaign for consistent and scalable positive results, which in turn will allow your organization to predictably scale with the demands of your growing client-base.


Use Automation to both Find and Pursue Leads


We leverage the power of both machine learning and human ingenuity by using a combination of in-house, AI-driven software, as well as a dedicated 24/7 research team to track down the decision-makers of businesses and get in touch to make valuable B2B connections happen.


The result is a next-generation sales acquisition team like no other in the industry, working for you around the clock to land your business its next big contract.


This automation extends beyond the initial lead-generation process, allowing our team to vet inquiries from unknown prospects with just a few clicks. By filtering prospects who may not be a perfect fit for your offerings, it keeps our team’s energy and time focused on securing the sales of more suitable customers.


Get Familiar With Your Target Audience


As intelligent as interest-tracking has become for online ad campaigns, they still fall somewhat short when it comes to revealing individual needs, misconceptions, and concerns that can prevent someone from making a change from what they’re comfortable with, even if that comfort is to their overall detriment.


Our sales agents are curated for their ability to not just sell to a person, but to hold a proper and honest conversation which can ultimately reveal these unknown and drastically important factors. This information is then used to further tailor the ongoing sales campaign to address questions and issues that may otherwise prevent closing of a sale.


By coming to know your future clientele, you can better cater to them, and ultimately secure more sales from them. An outbound sales campaign allows you to do this in a way that no simple static advertisement can.


Develop Brand Awareness and Recognition


Even for prospects not immediately intending to purchase, it can be invaluable to have them be passively aware of the existence of your business and its offerings. Should they at some point be in the market for such services, they have a significantly higher chance of approaching your business due to the initial contact keeping the brand fresh in their minds. This also results in stronger conscious recognition of inbound sales acquisition efforts.


Sales Database Management


It should go without saying that keeping accurate records of the names, addresses, contact information, and employment information of both prospects and existing clients is an important aspect of the sales process.


For potential prospects, it allows for designing a sales pitch that directly targets their needs and lets them know that your business is the one for them. Additionally, it lets you better tailor your communication with existing clients to let them know that you care about them individually. This also goes a long way towards retaining their interest in the long-term, and builds the kind of one-on-one connection that acts as a basis for brand loyalty.


All of this wouldn’t be possible without proper record-keeping for both prospects and existing clientele, which AnswerMe XYZ handles as part of our all-inclusive sales acquisition service.





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